About Us

The Doormats Direct Company Vision

The  Doormats Direct Company was established in 2002 and
purchased in 2007 by Jill and Alan Mecca. Utilizing Jill's 15
years of sales experience and Alan's extensive experience in the
information technology and the web development world we combined our
efforts to offer consumers a way to express themselves in an
easy affordable manner.


We believe in offering you our expertise to express
your ideas, values, beliefs and pride in your company 
or your home and family.

We do this by challenging current norms in the industry,
forcing vendors with antiquated systems to look to the future,
so that we can give you the technology to show who you are
and what your company is all about.


We believe in doing one thing and doing it better
than anyone else. Through the sale and manufacture
of quality doormats and logomats we have achieved our
dream of becoming the premier internet home to
expressing yourself.